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Encouragement for “Back to School”

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been starting to hear more and see more about the school year starting. We know that the first day of school is coming fast for everyone – whether you start in the next few weeks or you don’t start until after Labor Day.

There is still plenty of time, but if you find yourself thinking about everything that needs to happen before that first day of school and need a pick-me-up, we suggest watching Rita Pierson’s fabulous TED Talk, “Every Child Needs a Champion.” It’s definitely worth eight minutes of your time!

Rita Pierson quoted George Washington Carver, an incredible botanist, chemist, and inventor, saying, “All learning is understanding relationships.” Of course, we at Power Up, Speak Out! couldn’t agree more. And we’re so excited that teachers allow us to be a part of building those relationships at schools around Montana by teaching our lessons!

Teaching about healthy peer relationships can make classrooms much safer, more pleasant places to be, but some real special magic happens when students know their teachers care about them.

Before another school year starts up, we want to thank all those stellar teachers out there teaching Power Up, Speak Out! to your students and creating classrooms where every child has a champion and feels like they can be themselves at school! You are the heart of our program, and we appreciate you!

If you’re interested in bringing Power Up, Speak Out! to your school, check out our training opportunities.

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