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Power Up, Speak Out! Funds Girls Camp-In at Hamilton Middle School

Our lessons are designed to help middle school students develop a sense of what they deserve within healthy peer relationships. This includes healthy friendships! We believe that all middle school students, no matter their gender, deserve to be accepted for who they are. But, healthy friendships among girls and building up feelings of self-worth among middle school girls is of particular concern for our parent organization, Domestic and Sexual Violence Services (DSVS) in Red Lodge.

That’s why we funded a proposal by Marie Petit, the school counselor for Hamilton Middle School. Power Up, Speak Out! granted $500 for Marie and her fellow educators to put on a Girls Camp-In at Hamilton Middle School. Marie reported back to us this March, telling us about the ways the planners encouraged girls to grow, both within themselves as well as in healthy relationships with each other.

According to Marie, the girls spent the night “making beautiful paintings, feather hair pieces, homemade ice cream, friendship bracelets, and quote boards. We had a wonderful motivational speaker who shared her very personal journey of never giving up even when life throws curve balls your way. They also had a great time showing off their dance moves with the help of a local Zumba teacher who got the girls laughing and sweating. The night continued on with Karaoke and music into the late hours of the night.”

Since 2012, DSVS/Power Up, Speak Out! has been privileged to award these Healthy Relationship Grants to students and teachers of our curriculum who are finding ways to extend and deepen students’ thinking and awareness of healthy peer relationships. While we’ve enjoyed seeing what has come of these grants, unfortunately the Hamilton Girls Camp-In will be the last project to be funded for a while.

With changing times for the funding of organizations like ours, we no longer have the means to continue providing these grants. However, we’re very hopeful that we will be able to rekindle these grants in the future. If you’re interested in donating to Power Up, Speak Out! to help us continue to do the good work of fostering healthy relationships for middle school students, click the “Give” button above.

Until we can provide these grants again, thanks to all those hard working educators like Marie who continually find new ways to teach our students what they deserve in healthy peer relationships!

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