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Power Up Youth Advocate for Healthy Relationships Award

Power Up Youth Advocate for Healthy Relationships Award

cyrusWe are excited to announce our winner of the 2017 Power Up, Speak Out! Youth Advocate for Healthy Relationships Award: Cyrus Sagrilla of Red Lodge High School! During this Year’s Celebration of Our Youth Award at the Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County, Travis presented Cyrus with the award for being someone who treats everyone he encounters with kindness, gentleness, and sincerity. We reached out to school and community members to see why they thought 9th grader Cyrus was deserving of this award–the response was overwhelming. Check out the following quotations that speak volumes on the character of Cyrus Sagrilla:

“Cyrus is the best neighbor anyone could ever have. He is always respectful, kind and generous.Whenever I see him he always has a smile and a greeting followed by: “is there anything I can do for you?”. He has shoveled my walk, mowed my yard, raked my leaves and always stops to tell me all about the interesting things going on in his life. Cyrus embraces everyone with enthusiasm. I couldn’t be more proud of him.” ~Polly Richter

“Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus…  man, do we miss him at the middle school!  I had the honor of having Cyrus in my TEAM during his 6th-8th grade years, so I got to see him almost every day for three years, which was truly delightful.With his infectious smile, Cyrus makes everyone around him feel safe, welcomed, and valued.  Cyrus also has excellent rapport with people of all ages. He communicates with young children, the elderly, and every age in between with ease. This allows him to connect with all kinds of people, showcasing his genuine respect and concern for those around him.

We need more Cyruses in this world!” ~Tonya Henry, School Counselor

“Cyrus is a kind and gentle soul. He is a strong young man, firm in his beliefs and works hard to accomplish his goals. Cyrus is also silly and enjoys having fun in all situations. Additionally, Cyrus is often the voice of reason among his friends and is most certainly willing to say no to his peers, which is a hard thing to do!” ~Sam Italiano, Mentoring coordinator, DSVS

“Cyrus is the first one to step up to help and the first one to greet you when you see him. He always has a smile on his face. The unselfishness that Cyrus shows is something you do not see very often in today’s high school students.” ~Adam White, health teacher

“Cyrus was always seen as our “public relations guru” at Roosevelt Middle School. He was always so welcoming and the first to make new students and guests feel welcomed in our school. He is the type of student every school needs and loves to have as he makes it a better place.” ~Jason Reimer, RMS Principal

“Cyrus has a BIG heart–his positive attitude and warm generosity shine through in his volunteerism for the high school Hope Harvest Project. Cyrus is a member of student council and a leader in integrity and compassion for others.”  –Libby Johnson, Red Lodge High School

Cyrus wants to have good relationships, and is willing to invest in those relationships. ~Theresa Reimer, Red Lodge High School

“I can say Cyrus has always been polite and courteous to me. Every time he sees me he says thank you with a smile.” ~Jason Marvin, Custodian, Red Lodge Schools

“Cyrus is always cheerful and gives and accepts kindness in a very sincere way.” ~Jack  Clinton, Spanish teacher

“Cyrus is the type of person who says hello to everyone, who makes time to ask about others’ days. Be it the janitor or the principal, he goes out of his way to be kind to everyone he meets.” ~Matt Heaton, Mentor

Congratulations, Cyrus!



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