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MLK Jr. Day of Service @ Roosevelt Middle School

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federally recognized holiday to explore and celebrate the amazing accomplishments over time in civil rights, specifically with MLK Jr. In Red Lodge, students go to school on this holiday. While this frustrates some as many federal holidays are observed by closing government organizations, it provides an excellent opportunity […]


Travis, Sam, and Brooke have fun teaching healthy relationships at school

How to Make Something Cool Happen at Your School

The Power Up team are regular special guests (or interrupters of regular scheduled programming) at our local middle school. Throughout the year we barge in on assemblies in costume and character, organize flash mobs, and shake up students’ expectations to spread the message that it takes all of us to create schools where everyone can […]


Travis, Sam, and Brooke have some fun at Mix It Up Day

Try this to encourage tolerance in middle school students!

Middle schools can be tough places. Students are changing and often trying to figure out their place in the social chaos of school. Students might avoid classmates who are different because of preexisting biases and assumptions. Just like adults, it can be scary for students to have to talk with and work with classmates they […]



Why Violence Prevention isn’t as much of a Bummer as it Sounds

When I say I work for a domestic and sexual violence service agency, I often have to quickly responded to sad faces or awkward silence by explaining, “No, no! I have the fun job!” It’s true—at DSVS we often hear sad stories. So we created our education program, Power Up, Speak Out! to prevent abuse […]



We Love Teachers!

We are so grateful to have over 180 dedicated, caring teachers using Power Up, Speak Out!– teachers who care about the relationships at their school and recognize the power of connection when learning.‪ Check out this awesome TED talk on teaching: