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Healthy Relationships Mix Tape

The statistics about teen dating violence are super depressing. One in three teens in the U.S. are experiencing dating abuse – this includes physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse.* But, YOU can make a difference and help bring that number down! How, you ask? By helping the students in your life to learn what a […]


Travis, Sam, and Brooke have fun teaching healthy relationships at school

How to Make Something Cool Happen at Your School

The Power Up team are regular special guests (or interrupters of regular scheduled programming) at our local middle school. Throughout the year we barge in on assemblies in costume and character, organize flash mobs, and shake up students’ expectations to spread the message that it takes all of us to create schools where everyone can […]



Power Up, Speak Out! Classroom Marble Jar

We love researcher Brenè Brown’s work on vulnerability and authenticity! In her book Daring Greatly, she writes about a classroom marble jar that her daughter’s teacher uses to hold students accountable for their actions. You can use a marble jar to reward students for demonstrating healthy relationship skills. Necessary Materials: 1 Mason jar Assorted Marbles […]

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