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Summer of Love

The Making Caring Common project (Harvard Graduate School of Education) came out with a study recently about youth ages 18-25 and their beliefs and experiences with relationships. The full study (well worth a read) says lots of interesting things. But, perhaps the most interesting part is that over 70% of the students surveyed wish their […]



Power Up, Speak Out! Funds Girls Camp-In at Hamilton Middle School

Our lessons are designed to help middle school students develop a sense of what they deserve within healthy peer relationships. This includes healthy friendships! We believe that all middle school students, no matter their gender, deserve to be accepted for who they are. But, healthy friendships among girls and building up feelings of self-worth among […]



Social Skills Benefit the Whole School

With the current testing and academically focused culture, teaching social skills (sometimes called “soft skills”) is not always a priority. However, we know that social skills are important. Every adult, if given the choice, would choose to be a part of a work environment where they get treated well and feel like they can be […]


Travis, Sam, and Brooke have fun teaching healthy relationships at school

How to Make Something Cool Happen at Your School

The Power Up team are regular special guests (or interrupters of regular scheduled programming) at our local middle school. Throughout the year we barge in on assemblies in costume and character, organize flash mobs, and shake up students’ expectations to spread the message that it takes all of us to create schools where everyone can […]



Have fun and thoughtful Thanksgiving conversations

In a few days, we’ll all be celebrating that very American holiday, Thanksgiving. Teachers and students will be enjoying a well-earned break from the rigors of school. Often we’ll be spending lots of time with close friends and extended family. There are plenty of jokes about awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations, but we’d like to suggest […]


Travis, Sam, and Brooke have some fun at Mix It Up Day

Try this to encourage tolerance in middle school students!

Middle schools can be tough places. Students are changing and often trying to figure out their place in the social chaos of school. Students might avoid classmates who are different because of preexisting biases and assumptions. Just like adults, it can be scary for students to have to talk with and work with classmates they […]

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