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Tonya Kosorok

Red Lodge Middle School Teacher Tonya Kosorok

Power Up, Speak Out! provides lessons and training for middle school educators to teach healthy relationship skills and prevent bullying, harassment and violence.

Our program was created in Red Lodge, Montana in 2010 by Domestic and Sexual Violence Services with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the OP&WE Edwards Foundation and many other donors. Power Up, Speak Out! was evaluated by http://www.memconsultants.com/

The program is centered around an empowering core concept: in a healthy peer relationship, I should be able to be myself, I should treat others well, I should be able to say no, and I should have fun!

We teach this idea using a series of 5 interactive lessons and a collection of short, 15 minute extension activities.

We encourage students to develop empathy and to think deeply about the way they interact with their peers. As a result, we are able to approach violence prevention education in a new way: we are providing students with examples of what to do in an interactive and positive fashion that is easier to facilitate and more impactful.

So, why use Power Up, Speak Out!?

  • It’s Local – Based in Red Lodge, the program is crafted to resonate with middle school students
  • It’s Fun – Our lessons are interactive, engaging and positive
  • It’s Impactful – By teaching healthy relationships skills we can prevent violence
  • It’s Educational – Trained teachers can receive renewal credits from OPI
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