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Power Up, Speak Out! is a comprehensive 5 session prevention program for 7th–8th graders. Each session is 40-50 minutes in length and is geared to students’ individual learning styles.

Power Up, Speak Out! teaches critical thinking skills for healthy relationships. The heart of the program is our Healthy Relationship Statements—4 simple statements that help students explore relationship dynamics:
In a healthy relationship . . .

  • I get to be myself
  • I treat others well
  • I can say no
  • I have fun

These statements are used throughout the lessons to examine uses of personal power, boundaries, and consent. The lessons are positive and address both peer and dating relationships. Power Up, Speak Out! addresses the common root of peer and dating violence: the misuse of power. The lessons are interactive, fun, and effective.

The program aligns with Common Core and Montana’s current curriculum content standards in Communication Arts, Health Enhancement and Social Studies. The lessons address issues all students and school communities face.

Lesson Topics

  • What does a Healthy Relationship look like?
  • Red Flags and Power
  • Boundaries
  • Consent
  • Healthy, equitable, violence-free relationships

Pilot Evaluation facilitated by http://www.memconsultants.com/

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