5 Lesson Toolkit

A five lesson toolkit for teaching students what TO DO, instead of what NOT to do.

Interactive Lessons

Healthy Relationships

In this lesson, students will define a relationship as a connection between two or more people, and identify healthy relationship statements.

Power in Relationships

In this lesson, students will examine the concept of one-sided power and two-sided power in peer relationships, and identify Red Flags.

Boundaries in Relationships

In this lesson, students will identify that personal boundaries are self-created, can change and need to be respected, use the Red Flags to examine when personal boundaries are not respected, and identify “put downs” as an example of disrespecting personal boundaries.

Consent in Relationships

Students will define consent as permission to cross  a boundary, identify forms of consent, identify “got consent?” statements, and examine the lack of consent by applying the Red Flags and Boundaries.

Healthy Relationships in Action

Students will identify conditions that make it easy or difficult for people to be themselves, be treated well, be able to say no, and have fun in their relationships, and identify how they can use their power so that everyone can be themselves in their peer and dating relationships.

Power Up, Speak Out! Free Lesson

Engaging Activities

"Let's Make A Deal" Activity Cards

A critical thinking game that helps students explore what they want in healthy peer relationships.

Wiffle Balls

An activity that introduces verbal and non-verbal consent.

"Boundaries" Flip Books

An exercise that helps students explore personal boundaries and how to respect those of others.

Teacher & Classroom Resources

Core Concept Posters

Colorful and informative poster to hang around your school and classroom.

Lesson Media

Video and audio segment built into the curriculum.

Lesson Powerpoints

Professionally designed powerpoint presentations.
I appreciated how concepts are broken down in a most simplified and practical manner. All material is very appropriate for our junior high / middle school kids.
Libby Johnson

Special Education

Includes All


Mailed directly to you and ready to use right out of the box.

Why Choose Power Up, Speak Out!

EASY to implement
Focuses on what TO DO, instead of what NOT to do
Designed for 7th-8th graders
5 Lessons / 40-50 minutes each
Includes activities, videos, presentations
Adaptable to meet needs of your school
Tools to create a healthy classroom climate where every kid can be themselves
Meets National Common Core Standards
Meets American School Counselor Association national standards


Don't be Shy

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