Most teachers know that the first days of school can be like a honeymoon. The students are still on their best behavior and you might not think about teaching students healthy peer relationship skills because conflicts haven’t come up yet.

However, at Power Up, Speak Out!, we’d like to encourage you to start the school year by giving your students tools for healthy conflict — an important part of healthy relationships! Our Booster Activity: Stop, VOMP is just what your classroom needs.

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In this activity, “VOMP” is a silly acronym meaning:

  • Voice
  • Own
  • Moccasins
  • Plan

Using this acronym, you’ll lead your students in a discussion about how to have conflicts in helpful, not harmful ways.

This Booster Activity goes well when paired with our other activities about conflict, I Am Conflict, Boxed In, and Passive Aggressive Texts. You can access these other activities in the Boost Pack on the Activities page.

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