Healthy Relationships

Power Up, Speak Out! has at its heart our Healthy Relationship Statements.

Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship Statements

In my relationships

I get to


What does “I get to be myself mean? What does it look like?

I don’t have to change for someone else. I can dress the way I want. I can hangout with who I want to. It includes:

My beliefs – My opinions – What I like to do – My family – My appearance – My skin color – My size – My likes and dislikes

What it means to be yourself is going to look different for every person. This is what we deserve in a healthy relationship: we deserve to get to be ourselves.

I treat


What does “I treat others well” mean? What does it look like? 

Let others be themselves.
Treat others how we’d want to be treated.
Treat others with respect. The statement is “I treat others well” because “I” is who I can control. Everyone deserves to be treated well in a relationship.

I can


What does “I can say no?” mean? What does it look like? What can you say no to?

I can say no to anything.
I can say no to my peers freely.
In a healthy relationship I should be able to say no without being put down for it, without pressure, without force, without fear of scary consequences.

If someone allows us to say no easily, that is often a sign that our relationship is healthy. If it is scary to say no, it is a sign that our relationship is unhealthy.

I have


What does “I have fun” mean? Why is that important?

It feels good. You feel like yourself.

Our relationships should be fun! They are not going to be fun every moment, but they should be more fun than drama.

If you are having fun, do you think that is a good sign that you are getting to be yourself in the relationship?

You can use the Healthy Relationship Statements to evaluate if your relationship is healthy. Each Healthy. Relationship Statement connects to the other statements. For example, if someone lets you say no easily, do you think you are being treated well?

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