Episode 11: How to Say No

Feeling like you can say “no” and be respected is important in a healthy relationship. What can you say no to? Listen to find out!

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These Show Notes help you extend the discussion with a short scenario that can help students think through and recognize when someone is telling them “no” in a soft or kind way. Talk about how to respect each other.

If you’re playing this episode to high school age, it might be appropriate to discuss sexual assault and consent. There are resources in the Show Notes for that type of discussion. Also, listen to the below episode of Power Up Radio for Educators to learn more about how to fight sexual assault at your school.

Power Up Radio for Educators: Sexual Assault 

Download FREE SHOW NOTES here

These Show Notes reinforce the concepts covered in the episode, and provide educators with some resources. It’s especially important to be prepared if one of your students discloses to you sexual assault, sexual abuse, molestation, sexual harassment, or any other form of sexual violence.