While all of the healthy relationship statements are great, this one might be the most fun to talk about!

Just like I get to be myself, this statement varies with each individual. For one person, having fun might look like reading a book alone all evening, for someone else fun might look like hanging out with as many friends as they can at once. There are as many different ways to have fun as there are people in the world.

When it comes to healthy relationships, you should have fun with your dating partner – whatever that looks like for both of you. That isn’t to say that a relationship should be fun all the time. Life is life. We all have bad days. Every relationship will have to weather hard times. BUT, relationships should be more fun than drama. The bottom line is if you find that you are generally not having fun in your relationship that might be a red flag that you need to examine.

Having fun and enjoying yourself is a very important part of a healthy dating relationship!

Get a conversation started

As said before, stories are a great way to get a conversation going. It can feel less judgmental to talk about a character than ourselves or people we know. Ask basic questions, such as what is going on in this story? Are the characters getting to be themselves? Why or why not?

For this week, here are two short clips, one from a TV show with a high school couple that is clearly not having fun in their relationship – largely because they don’t feel like they are able to be themselves – and one from a movie with a blossoming high school relationship where both members of the couple are clearly engaging in what turns out to be a very fun afternoon.



After watching the clips below, you could ask the following questions:
•    How can you tell Sam and Cindy (from the first clip from Freaks and Geeks) are not having fun?
•    Does Cindy make it easy for Sam to say no in this relationship? Why?
•    What about the couple from the clip of 10 Things I Hate About You (Kat and Patrick)? Are they having fun?
•    How can you tell they are having fun? Are both people fully engaged? How do you know?
•    Why is having more fun than drama together important in a healthy relationship?