Want to IGNITE the minds of your middle schoolers? Try this school-wide activity!

Based on the idea behind TED talks, an IGNITE talk is designed to be short, engaging, and powerful for students. These talks were spearheaded by Red Lodge Roosevelt Middle School’s principal, Jason Reimer. The middle school is bringing in community members to present to the students for 10-12 minutes.  Below, you can download the full explanation of how to create IGNITE talks at your school! Or sign in to the Boost Pack to access the file under Educator Support.

Want to see an example of an IGNITE talk?  Check out Power Up, Speak Out!‘s Lead Educator Travis Burdick’s talk below. This is a great time of year to talk about how to beat boredom. Many students claim they’re bored during long breaks, like the upcoming winter breaks. But, Travis lays out a convincing antidote to the poison of boredom – and even shows how it can make peer relationships better! Check it out below!

Download An Antidote to Boredom! in PDF form.

Or download the MP3 HERE!!

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