Our Staff

Hayden Ramsey

Prevention Educator

Hayden Ramsey has been on staff at Domestic and Sexual Violence Services for three years and was a Volunteer Advocate for a year prior to her employment. Having volunteered with various domestic violence organizations in the Bronx and Los Angeles as well as rural Montana, she is extremely excited to have joined the Power Up, Speak Out education team in 2021. Engaging in the trauma informed care of victim/survivors of both domestic and sexual violence led her to believe that the core tenet of ending the cycle of violence lies in prevention. The simple, age-appropriate lessons of Power Up, Speak Out! were the beginning of her mission to empower all communities to build healthy relationships. Working with educators, advocates, and community responders across the country is an energizing experience for her and proof positive that we are all working towards the same goals.

Libby Johnson

Co-Director (Programs)

Libby Johnson obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Montana State University–Billings, her masters of science in Special Education/Applied Behavior Analysis from Montana State University – Billings, and her masters of science in Educational Leadership from Rocky Mountain College. Libby has extensive experience working as a licensed special education teacher. She worked in Red Lodge Public Schools and as a behavior consultant for the Montana Office of Public Instruction and the Yellowstone-West Carbon County Special Services Cooperative. She routinely presents at statewide conferences and provides professional development training to teachers. Libby has worked in in-home settings, public schools, and residential placements for children and adolescents who have social-emotional, cognitive, and behavioral needs. She believes in creating safe places for all people to express themselves and understands the importance of establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. As DSVS’ Co-Director (Programs), Libby hopes to improve the current health and vitality of our communities for generations to come. 

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