Our Staff

Kelsiann Helsley graduated from the University of Montana-Western with an elementary education degree and later went on to add an endorsement in health and human performance. She has worked as a leader and educator in a variety of positions as a campus missionary, behavior specialist and as a fitness instructor. Kelsiann believes in the power of prevention in social change and is excited to bring Power Up, Speak Out! to schools across the nation to teach students the skills they need to build healthy relationships and to resolve conflict in a positive, effective manner. Kelsiann partners with Power Up, Speak Out! to help prevent violence so that we can all live in happier, healthier communities.

Kelsiann Helsley

Violence Prevention Educator and Mentor Program Manager

Laura Bailey is a writer and storyteller with a passion for youth and education. A Montana girl through and through, Laura was born in Helena and earned a degree in communications and public relations from Carroll College in 1999. Her love of writing led to a career in journalism, and then to marketing and outreach in the nonprofit sector. She believes that even one small act of kindness has the power to change lives, and she loves collecting stories of how students’ lives are changed by Power Up, Speak Out!, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her and share your favorite Power Up story.

Laura Bailey

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Kelly Heaton has always had a passion for nonprofit work, since her early organizing days in college to teaching people about the wonders and restorative nature of the outdoors, to this work of helping people escape violence and teaching youth about healthy relationships. Kelly firmly believes that teaching youth about what they deserve in a relationship will help them navigate the social world and help stop the cycle of generational violence. She does this work to change the social norms surrounding this violence and to create a better world for not only her son, but youth everywhere.

Kelly Heaton

Executive Director