Teaching Consent to Elementary Students

“Teaching consent in the elementary grades means using nonsexual situations to guide students to assert and respect boundaries.”


Check out this article in Edutopia written by Emelina Minero. Minero writes about how to teach consent to elementary students. She interviews several agencies and organizations and teachers working together to prevent violence and promote consent, including Power Up, Speak Out!

“Consent is often linked to sex, but it simply means giving permission. When taught to children, it can be applied to a variety of nonsexual situations—giving hugs, borrowing things, and sharing are scenarios Kleinrock’s students came up with.

Although sex is removed from the equation when teaching consent to elementary students, the end goal is to help prevent sexual harassment and assault by teaching students about personal boundaries, how to say no, and how to respect no—and in the unfortunate case that students do experience sexual abuse or harassment, how to ask for help.”


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